Butterfly Garden at Gamble Rogers

Yellow butterfly on a white flower with green leaves surrounding it
Wooden interpretive kiosk outside of butterfly garden

Visit our serene Butterfly Garden

While you are visiting the park, make sure to stop by our butterfly garden! The garden was designed and installed by our citizen support organization, the Friends of Gamble Rogers State Park. It offers visitors a remarkable display of native plants in bloom throughout the year and several species of butterflies fluttering about. There is informative signage throughout the garden identifying the native plants and butterflies, and the mutually beneficial relationship that they share. There is an assortment of butterflies that can be seen in the garden. Among the most popular are the Gulf fritillary, White peacock, Monarch butterfly, Cloudless Sulphur, Common buckeye and Phaon crescent.

Interpretive sign showing the plant "Dune Sunflower"

The garden not only attracts butterflies, but also attracts other pollinators, such as bees, as well as a variety of other insects. Pollinators play a crucial role in flowering plant reproduction and in the production of most fruits and vegetables. And of course, with there being a plethora of insects in the garden, birds looking for a quick meal can also be seen darting about. The garden provides plenty of opportunity for photographers to take photos of a diverse amounts of insects, birds, and plants. Keep your camera handy because there is plenty to be seen. Make sure to pick-up a brochure to help guide you through the garden as you view all the wonderful creatures and plants.