Butterfly Garden at the Blockhouse

Butterfly garden with native Florida plants
group of people planting a garden

Naples Native Plant Society members preparing to plant the Blockhouse Butterfly Garden

Visit us to see our newly planted butterfly garden at the Blockhouse!

The Friends of Collier-Seminole State Park, together with the Naples Native Plant Society, park volunteers and park staff, are putting the final touches on our long-awaited Butterfly Garden.

Plans for the garden, which is located on the north side of the historic Blockhouse, began in 2019. 

With funds from the Friends of Collier-Seminole State Park and a matching contribution from the Naples Native Plant Society, we were able to purchase the many native plants and needed materials. We are excited to present this beautiful garden not only as important habitat for butterflies but also as means for maintaining a healthy environment.

Park staff and volunteers worked diligently through the season to prepare pine logs for the border along with the excavation and placement of topsoil and mulch.

Planting began on March 26, with 11 dedicated members of the Naples Native Plant Society. A few days later the eagle statue that was once located in front of the Blockhouse was placed within the garden itself.

The eagle now stands guard with a watchful eye as the new plants grow and bloom. Specially designed plant labels are forthcoming.  

With increasing evidence that many pollinators - butterflies, bees, moths and others - are in decline through habitat loss, we have set out to give them a helping hand by planting a butterfly garden.

Butterflies are fun to watch and they are critical in helping pollinate flowering plants and our food crops. They also help plants to reproduce, which in turn helps establish and maintain ecosystems. Butterfly gardens also provide shelter and safety for a variety of pollinators.

Our Butterfly Garden Team, made up of staff and volunteers, is working hard to ensure a sustainable and healthy pollinator population for those who walk here in the distant future.

Please visit us soon to see our progress and perhaps become part of our Butterfly Garden team by volunteering!