Beaches at St. George Island

A view of the beach during sunset.

Beneath the waves, a variety of fish species can be found off the coast of the island, including redfish, flounders and sea trout. Dolphins can often be seen travelling in pods offshore, sometimes leaping out of the water in spectacular aerial displays. Above the waves, brown pelicans fly low over the water, scanning for their next meal.


Back on land, white ghost crabs dart into their burrows that dot the shoreline. Several species of shorebirds, including American oystercatchers, least terns and black skimmers nest on the beach, laying their eggs on the sand rather than in trees. At night during their breeding season, loggerhead and green sea turtles pull themselves ashore to dig their nests, laying their eggs underground to incubate them.


It’s important to remember that we share these beaches with all of these species, and we must always be mindful when we encroach on their habitat. Be sure to follow all posted signs and never leave trash on the beach, which can end up being consumed by wildlife like sea turtles. And above all, always be respectful of wildlife!