Beaches at Henderson Beach

The beach at sunset.

In the water, pods of dolphins can sometimes be seen swimming off shore, hunting for fish. There’s a large variety of fish species that can be found offshore, including whiting, catfish and pompano. Loggerhead and green sea turtles swim in the Gulf as well, coming ashore during the breeding season to lay their eggs in holes under the sand.

Henderson Beach

Along the shoreline, Sargassum seaweed and other organic matter will build up in clumps as it gets washed ashore by the waves. This condensed organic material, called wrack, is a vital component of the beach ecosystem: tiny invertebrates will live in the wrack, feeding on the organic material, and they in turn will become food for birds like snowy egrets. Brown pelicans, black skimmers, and sandwich terns can also be seen in the park.

With so many visitors enjoying the beach, it’s important that everyone plays their part in keeping the beach and its inhabitants in good health. Always obey posted signs on the beach, and never leave trash behind when you leave. Together, we can help protect the wonderful animals that call the beach home!