Beaches at Gasparilla Island

Photo of Gasparilla Island beach

The pristine beaches at Gasparilla Island State Park offer something for every beachgoer. The 1-mile stretch of beach can be accessed from any of the five parking areas along the gulf and the Boca Grande Pass. Search for new shells, sunbathe, go swimming or walk along the beach. Dolphins can often be seen playing in the beautiful blue-green waters of the gulf. You might even catch a glimpse of a manatee or sea turtle swimming offshore.

Clear water and beach


The stretch of coastline is not only a favorite place for beachgoers, it is also home to a variety of native plants and animals. Beach-nesting birds including snowy plovers and several species of tern return to the beach and dunes to nest each year. The beach along the gulf is an important nesting site for sea turtles, particularly loggerhead and green turtles. The park also protects critical habitat for the gopher tortoise and indigo snake. When visiting the park, please walk only on designated paths and stay out of marked wildlife areas. We hope to protect our precious Florida wildlife for many generations to come!