The Beach at Oleta

A view of the beach at Oleta River State Park

This large urban park offers easy access to wondrous mangrove swamps, beaches and tidal marshes. Kayak, swim or just relax on the beach. The park’s beach has shallow water wonderful for families and kids of all ages.

The fishing pier and the Intracoastal Waterway are popular spots for anglers hoping to catch the big one. The park’s waterways are home to mullet, sheepshead, tarpon, snook and several species of grunts and snappers.

Oleta River Paddlers on Beach

Beachgoers and paddlers will see a great variety of wildlife on open water and in shaded mangrove tunnels. The golden leather fern and West Indian manatee are among the many plant and animal species found at the park.

Many bird species use the tidal swamps and coasts for roosting and foraging. The park is located on a major migration route for birds. Numerous hawks, warblers and other birds rest and feed at the park seasonally.

The whole park is shaped by the coast, so any beach or water experience imaginable is possible at Oleta River State Park.