Volunteer Spotlight, Bruce Campbell & Darlene Ondrick

Volunteer Spotlight Bruce and Darlene

Bruce Campbell and Darlene Ondrick 

Bulow Creek State Park 

Darlene grew up in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and Bruce grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia. Neither of them are Florida natives; however, when Bruce retired they both knew that they wanted to go to Florida for the winters to escape the cold and snow at home. They still maintain their West Virginia residency, but spend four to five winter months in Florida.

The first year Bruce retired, they camped at 15 different Florida State Parks, and learned about volunteering from talking to volunteers at the parks they were camping at. Bruce and Darlene thought volunteering at Florida's state parks sounded interesting, and so decided to try it. 

They have been volunteering since January 2011 and have had a great experience since then. The interactions with the park staff, other volunteers and park visitors make this experience quite rewarding for them.  

Both Darlene and Bruce have always loved the outdoors since they played outside in the woods as children. That experience continues to this day where they love learning continuously about Florida's flora, fauna and history. 

The thing they love the most about being outdoors is the feeling of freedom. They enjoy interpreting the Fairchild Oak and giving Bulow Plantation tours.  

Both Bruce and Darlene have worked hard at sprucing up Bulow Creek Trail and the general park areas with pressure washing, trail trimming, general cleanup and restroom maintenance. They are truly a dynamic duo who serve in several capacities from interpreting, maintenance and resource management duties at our Bulow Creek, Bulow Plantation Ruins and Tomoka state parks.   

Darlene and Bruce are a very friendly, personable and hard-working pair, and we are extremely fortunate to have them on our team.        

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