Staff Spotlight, Sheri DeFalco

An image of Sheri DeFalco, at work in Fanning Springs State Park.

Park Ranger, Sheri DeFalco

Fanning Springs State Park

Meet Sheri DeFalco, a park ranger at Fanning Springs State Park. Sheri has been working for the Florida Park Service since 2016, and her enthusiasm for the great outdoors shines through her work daily. She grew up in Beaumont, California, with camping, horseback riding and racing dirt bikes being some of her go-to activities. Family outings and outdoor adventures have always been a major part of Sheri’s life. 

After moving to Florida in 1986, Sheri worked for the Department of Corrections for 25 years. She spent most of her days off at parks, springs, rivers and beaches, soaking up sunshine and enjoying Florida’s weather.

At Fanning Springs, Sheri is often found interacting with visitors and sharing her expansive knowledge of the park with them. Outside of guest communication, a big part of her everyday routine includes tending to cabins and making sure they are pristine for the next group of guests. She loves giving tours of each cabin, making sure that guests can easily settle into them before their park adventures begin.

Sheri is a team player and people person. She is always eager to collaborate with colleagues and volunteers on the diverse projects that take place in the park.

We hope that you will visit Fanning Springs State Park soon to allow Sheri and the rest of our team to share our story with you.

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