Staff Spotlight, Jorge Brito

Jorge Brito and lighthosue

Park Service Specialist, Jorge Brito

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Originally from Cuba, Jorge Brito and his family now call the tropical island of Key Biscayne home. Once a Marin County Open Space Park Ranger in California, Jorge enjoyed warm sunshine, tranquil fishing, and the cool Pacific air. Now, after seventeen years in the Florida state parks', it’s the volunteers of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park with whom Jorge truly connects.

As the park’s volunteer coordinator, Jorge has cultivated an expansive network of enthusiastic people, educators, beach-lovers and families. Every month, Jorge organizes hundreds of these volunteers to pass through the gates of Cape Florida and help clean beaches, picnic areas and fishing piers. When asked to describe what is special about working in Florida State Parks, Jorge doesn’t hesitate to say, “Engaging individuals! I love to bring the people of Florida into the outdoors to participate in park activities and share with them what the outdoors has taught me.”

Because of Jorge’s dedication, the park has enjoyed more visitors and volunteers every year since his leadership. It’s no wonder why Jorge is an irreplaceable fixture at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. After asking what he expects in the years to come, Jorge says “I’ll still be here. Happily fishing on my days off.”

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