Hurricane Recovery - Florida Caverns State Park

A view of the Civilian Conservation Crops Statue among the destruction.

Florida Caverns State Park lost more than 90 percent of its thick canopied forest throughout the park on October 10, 2018 due to Category 5 Hurricane Michael. Major progress has been made towards repairing infrastructure, utilities, and removing debris. Florida Caverns has reopened a limited portion of the park. The ranger station, visitor center, museum, cave tours, hickory picnic pavilion and the playground are open to the public. We are excited to announce the surface-based lighting and electrical system that illuminates the cave, has been restored. We are now able to offer guided cave tours with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system. The lighting system helps with energy efficiency, while protecting the light sensitive ecosystems of the cavern. Visitors are now able to see the cave formations clearly without the use of a flashlight. Tour guides will take you on a journey through time to see formations that have grown slowly over thousands of years.

The community has rallied around Florida Caverns State Park. Volunteers continue to help clean up debris.Thousands of trees have been planted throughout the park that were generously donated by multiple groups.  

We are on the road to recovery. Slowly but surely, we are beginning to rebound from the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael. Thank you for your patience as we rebuild our park.