Carol Brown

Carol Brown

Carol is the recipient of the 2023 Adult Volunteer of the Year Award for Volunteer of the Year.  

Carol Brown joined the First Day Hike at T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park as a visitor on January 1, 2022. She expressed her interest to volunteer and became a part of our team shortly after. Carol’s passion is interacting with park visitors and sharing her interpretive programming skills. She has been a volunteer guide for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge for many years and recently began sharing her talents at William J “Billy Joe” Rish Recreation Area as well. 

Carol has the keen ability as an interpreter to ask questions from the audience to get them to think and draw their own conclusions. Whether it’s a group of children or group of snowbirds, Carol creates the “spark” through her interpretive programming. 

From these events, Carol noticed a lot of interest from local homeschooling families. This year Carol was able to help coordinate programming in the park specifically for the local homeschool co-op. Seven programs are being offered this year as closed programming specifically for this group thanks to Carol’s planning and efforts. 

Working with the park, Carol schedules programs and corresponds with the homeschool email list to promote upcoming activities. In addition to the homeschool programming, Carol has been offering a similar themed program open to the public during the same week. 

This year alone, Carol has led or participated in over 20 interpretive programs or events. It’s dependable and talented volunteers like Carol enable the park to provide these opportunities for visitors. With her support not only are we able to provide quality programming but we are able to provide more opportunities for our visitors.”

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