Scuba at Fanning Springs

blue and green water mix in a spring with cypress trees and a swimming platform

Whether you are new to the sport or an expert, scuba diving at Fanning Springs State Park is a truly wondrous experience. With crystal-clear, 72-degree water and maximum depth of only 18 to 21 feet, it is a great place to begin your underwater adventures or knock the rust off if you haven’t been diving or snorkeling in a while.

Many local scuba instructors perform certification dives at Fanning Springs due to the water clarity and temperature, as well as the gentle current. With a large basin and three different entrance points, Fanning Spring offers diving for all experience levels.

Divers can submerge into the spring boil and see the water as it exits the Floridan aquifer. Limestone outcrops and fallen cypress logs ad to the picturesque scenery. Fish species such as largemouth bass, blue gill and fresh water mullet are seen throughout the year.

Musk turtles abound in the spring, and divers can often see tiny freshwater flounder scuttling across the sandy bottom. During colder months, manatees are frequent visitors to the springs and may cause closure of diver access to ensure suitable warm-water habitat for this threatened species.

All divers must have a dive buddy and register at the ranger station before diving. Whether with an outfitter or on your own, all divers also must be certified and present a certification card at the time of registration. Only 15 divers are allowed in the spring at one time to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. 

There is no additional charge to dive in the spring, so be sure to come out and give it a try the next time you visit Fanning Springs State Park!