Manager's Message

Park Manager Robert Steele stands under the shade of the trees.

Robert Steele, Park Manager

Now is a great time to visit one of the best fishing spots in the Florida Big Bend Area. Econfina River is a mysterious blackwater river that winds through canopied forests with limestone outcroppings along the banks and then transitions to open marshes within the park. The river flows into Apalache Bay providing access to fantastic fishing throughout the year. Adventurous trekkers can find wet forests, vast expanses of salt marshes and sandy pine islands along the parks many trails. These trails can be accessed from several locations, including the boat ramp parking lot and along Taylor County Road 14. You can enjoy a picnic under the pavilion or at a table next to the river at the parking lot.

If you are interested in visiting or already at Econfina River State Park and need more information from our amazing staff, please give our park office a call at 850-487-7989, or contact me at

Please remember that you are visiting a coastal area with plenty of swamps so bug repellent and sun screen is a must!