Manager's Message

Michelle Waterman Park Manager

Michelle Waterman, Park Manager

Standing at the southern tip of Amelia Island State Park, sand in your toes, salt breeze in your hair, you can really appreciate the treasure that is protected public lands. Look north along the coastline of Amelia Island and you will see towering condos, resorts and beachfront houses abutting the dunes. Look south toward the Talbot Islands and you will see nothing but green forests and marsh, blue skies, water and white sand beaches. It's a natural horizon preserved for all to enjoy. Enjoy a walk along the beach or a fishing trip with friends and family at the park.

Overwintering shorebirds like the endangered piping plover can be seen scouring the low tide areas for food. Bald eagle pairs getting ready to nest soar over the waters of the Nassau Sound searching for fish. Bait fish like mullet race in large schools in the shallows attracting bigger fish like red and black drum, spotted sea trout, pompano, flounder and sharks. So bring your cast net and fishing pole to join in the chase.

Please keep in mind that the park is open daily from sunrise to sunset and that 4WD is required for beach driving. Make sure to yield to pedestrians and stay below 10 mph. Use care to avoid flushing large flocks of resting shorebirds as they need to retain critical energy during the colder months. And please respect dune areas that are closed year-round. Restroom facilities and outdoor showers are available at the George Crady Bait and Tackle Bridge for your convenience.

We hope that you and your family take advantage of the restorative nature that our park offers along the shoreline. Whether you are beachcombing, fishing, bicycling or just taking it all in, we are happy to see you here.