Enchanting Hiking Trails

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Come out and take a stroll along our three serene nature trails. The first is our 1-mile Sand Pine Trail, which follows the shoreline of Puddin’ Head Lake. This lake is a delicate ecosystem with several species of aquatic plants such as Florida anise and the pitcher plant.

Sunrise over the lake at Rocky Bayou

Next is the half-mile Rocky Bayou Trail, which showcases habitats along the bayou with wonderful views from the shoreline. Last but not least is the half-mile Red Cedar Trail, which is in an upland forest dominated by impressive cedar trees. It also hosts many other varieties of plants shrubs and trees. 

Trails at Rocky Bayou

On these trails you will encounter three distinct natural communities: sand pine scrub, coastal flatwoods and slope forest areas. The difference in these three are determined by fire or the lack of fire, by elevation and by soil moisture. As you read the descriptions, we hope you gain a new appreciation and respect for this community to which we belong.

Trails at Rocky Bayou

With short trails for hiking, you have time to enjoy them all, and all three are ideal for birding and nature photography, providing opportunities to see a variety of native flora and fauna.

Things change with the seasons, so come again and see what else you can discover.