Chanell Guillaume

Chanel Guillaume

Park Services Specialist and former Girl Scout, Chanell Guillaume, works at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys.

What inspired you to work in the parks and recreation field?

No matter what was going on in my life, exploring parks always provided me a source of peace, wonder and discovery. From this love, I saw the need to protect and conserve these special places for everyone. This inspired me to work in the parks and recreation field.

Describe your job in the Florida Park Service. What are the favorite parts of your job?

Although my job consists of many things, one of my favorite parts is making a positive difference in the world. Whether it's helping sea turtles or inspiring the next generation of land stewards to protect the earth, there's always an opportunity to make a positive difference in the conservation field.

How did your participation in Girl Scouts prepare you for your career?

Being a Girl Scout gave me the support I needed to grow into an empowered young woman. Having that camaraderie, and knowing I wasn't alone, gave me the strength and opportunity to follow my dreams. Today I've followed those dreams to an exciting career in the parks and recreation field.

What advice would you offer to young women who want to pursue a career in parks and recreation?

For anyone who wants to pursue a career in parks and recreation: don't underestimate a small step in the right direction! Although things like signing up for a volunteer opportunity may not automatically land you that "dream job," it could open a door, which might just lead you there.