Volunteer Spotlight, Sam Carr

A man with a green shirt and a tan hat stands in front of trees.

Sam Carr

Dunns Creek State Park

Sam Carr has been volunteering at Dunns Creek State Park for over ten years. He started volunteering as a board member of the Friends of Dunns Creek State Park (FODC) in 2007. He began by helping with trail maintenance and event organization. As he became more and more involved, Sam eventually became the President of the FODC, where he remained in office for five years. Sam is an avid supporter of Dunns Creek State Park and represents the FODC at both the local and state level, serving on the Putnam County Waterways and Trails committee and the Florida Greenways and Trails Council. His current passion is focused on developing the recreational activities at the park. He presently spends a majority of his time seeking out funding for capital improvements.

When Sam isn’t working on garnering support for the park or raising funds, he is in a kayak. In the past three years, Sam has conducted over 25 kayaking classes and has trained nearly 150 paddlers.

When asked about volunteering at Dunns Creek State Park, Sam stated, “This has been a remarkable and fulfilling experience which I hope to continue for years.”

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