Volunteer Spotlight, Rick Mungeam

Rick Mungeam, smiling at the camera, wearing his ranger uniform.

Rick Mungeam

Bahia Honda State Park

When Rick Mungeam and his wife Capri, packed up and left Colorado, they were looking for something new and exciting in their lives. While adventuring they happened upon some volunteers who told them about working in Florida State Parks. The idea of this immediately interested them and the sought out becoming Florida State Park volunteers.

They started their first volunteer position at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in 2011.While they enjoyed volunteering at Topsail Hill, they were of course always looking for the next adventure. When Rick came to Bahia Honda it was apparent to everyone that he was very talented and had a lot of knowledge to share. Rick claim to fame is that he builds sand sculptures for a living, which guests find very interesting. In fact, once a year, Rick uses his talents to build a massive sand sculpture for the park. He spends days magically sculpting 8 tons of sand into interpretive pieces of art. The sculptures are very popular and are the subject of many visitor’s photographs.  

Rick’s architectural background gives him the tools and skills needed to help design, build, organize and execute various projects at the park. But don’t be fooled, Rick has cleaned his share of bathrooms too and works to maintain all of the park’s facilities. Rick loves Bahia Honda and when he’s not hard at work he takes full advantage of his surroundings. You can spot him fly fishing, paddle boarding, playing in the sand or taking off in a boat on a fishing adventure. Bahia Honda is honored to have him as part of our team.

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