Volunteer Spotlight, Mike Jeakle

Volunteer Mike Jeakle stands smiling in grass

Mike Jeakle

Lake Griffin State Park

Mike Jeakle has been volunteering at Lake Griffin State Park since 2013. He’s a trail builder extraordinaire and also gives guided kayak tours in his spare time. He’s contributed more than 1,400 hours and continues to be an integral part of the volunteer cadre.

Mike was instrumental in building the boardwalk on the park’s newest trail extension, sometimes spending days lugging 8-foot boards deep in to the swamp by hand. He is known for his quick wit, innovative ideas and willingness to always think outside the box. He can always be counted on to lend a helping hand wherever it’s needed and contribute an idea when someone asks “does anyone have any ideas?”

On most days Mike can be found out on the trail or on the water but he’s also responsible for the park’s aluminum recycling program where he collects cans from receptacles throughout the park. He’s a vital member of the park’s citizen support organization, the Friends of Lake Griffin State Park, where he sits on the board. Come visit Mike Jeakle today!

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