Volunteer Spotlight, Marvin Dixon

Marvin, smiling at the camera.

Marvin Dixon

Since Marvin Dixon can remember, he has always loved the outdoors. So it is no surprise that he is a volunteer at Koreshan State Park. He came upon this opportunity during a camping trip where a group of people who were already volunteers introduced him to the idea of volunteering. Marvin had already fallen in love with Koreshan, and seeing that volunteering was a great way to be close to nature and stay active, Marvin quickly signed up to help.

Marvin currently serves as a maintenance volunteer and loves every minute of his position. His favorite part of his job is getting things fixed and truly making a difference within the park. Even though most of his duties are within the maintenance shop, he also helps with events, guests, and other projects on the grounds. One of his favorite events at the park is the Halloween event. It makes him happy seeing the large crowds, and knowing that they appreciate all the hard work from the park staff and volunteers.

Marvin’s favorite part of the park is the maintenance shop area. He says that “Not everyone that comes to the park is aware of all the “behind the scenes” work that goes in to maintaining the park. There is a lot of effort that goes towards getting everything ready for the events, and all the repairs for vehicles and equipment that are needed for every day use.” The shop, even though it is not a guest area, is where Marvin feels his is doing the most good for the park. When Marvin is not at work he is usually hiking, fishing or enjoying a peaceful day somewhere with fresh air.

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