Volunteer Spotlight, Judy Sulser

Judy Sulser holding a plant in the Greenhouse

 Judy Sulser 

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park 

With majors in botany and ecology, experience as a science teacher, and a career as a park naturalist with Broward County Parks & Recreation Division, Judy knew exactly what she was going to do upon retiring to Palm Coast in 2002.  Judy joined the Friends of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.  As a volunteer she assisted with plant sales, special events, citrus harvesting and cleanups. 

For the past five years Judy has been the team leader of twenty volunteers at the park’s plant bench “campus” where she manages the greenhouse, shade bench and fenced yard for the purpose of propagating plants and purchases wholesale plants for resale as a park fundraiser.  She organizes plant bench workdays on every Tuesday and Thursday to maintain our plant inventory and to prepare for plant sales on the second Saturday of each month. 

Judy's goals are to enhance the experience of park visitors, to foster a harmonious team and to help fund park improvement projects. Being a people person is her best trait.

Judy's volunteer experience at Washington Oaks Garden State Park has been everything I had hoped it would be - enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding. The appreciation and support the plant bench volunteers receive from park staff deepens her commitment to the Florida Park Service mission.

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