Volunteer Spotlight, Jackie Cheers

Jackie Cheers volunteer profile picture.

Jackie Cheers

Blue Spring State Park

At Blue Spring State Park, we are proud to have volunteers that go above and beyond to help support the park. Jackie Cheers is one of our volunteers who helps to create a fun and friendly environment for our park visitors.

Jackie was born in Maryland, but, her family moved to Orange City, Florida when she was six years old. Jackie has been coming to Blue Spring State Park since she was young.

Jackie has always had a passion for manatees and began volunteering in 2018 as a Roving Manatee Interpreter Volunteer. Jackie has grown to love Blue Spring State Park and has since joined our Summer Manatee Observer Volunteer Program and our Friends of Blue Spring State Park. Jackie helps with the park’s outreach programs as well as assisting in our ranger station.

Her favorite part of volunteering is interacting with visitors from all over the world. Jackie always has great ideas to help make our visitors experience more worthwhile.

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