Volunteer Spotlight, Gary Morgan

Silver Springs Volunteer Gary Morgan

Gary Morgan

Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs volunteer Gary Morgan loves people, loves life, and loves the springs. In only three years, Gary has logged just shy of 1,500 hours. He participates in all facets of park operations, whether its staffing the Silver River Museum, driving the trams for the Florida Safari program, or recently helping to clean cabins.

His real passion and dedication, however, is for the park’s gardens. Most mornings Mr. Morgan can be found at least an hour before the rangers even report for work, blowing leaves off of the sidewalks and boardwalks. Getting his work done quickly lets him enjoy the peace and quiet in the early hours before it gets busy. In addition to Gary, there are 4 - 12 other volunteers, depending on the season, that help out in the gardens. Mr. Morgan enjoys being a part of the garden gang that gets plants pruned, trimmed, and kept looking good. He particularly likes seeing the way the flowers attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Gary moved to Florida in the 1980s to escape the cold winters. He doesn’t mind the heat one bit and will gladly work out in the hot Florida sun all summer long. A lover of the outdoors, he grew up around thoroughbred race horses and worked with them in every capacity for most of his life. Today, Mr. Morgan is glad for the fresh air of Silver Springs State Park and the beauty of the springs, the gardens and the people. 

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