Volunteer Spotlight, Faith Gonzalez

Volunteer Spotlight: Faith Gonzalez

Faith Gonzalez, hard at work at the ranger station, is never too busy to smile. 

Faith Gonzalez

Oleta River State Park

Faith Gonzalez began volunteering with the Florida Park Service while in high school and is currently working on a college degree in biology. We like to think that her experiences in our beautiful park have at least been partially responsible for fostering her interest in the natural world. When asked what she would tell someone considering working for or volunteering with the park service, Faith responded, "If you love the environment, do it. I'll never forget the time I got to release an eel while volunteering. It was so exciting!"

Faith's versatility, willingness to learn, attention to detail and general good-nature make her a standout member of the volunteer family at Oleta River State Park. She was exceptionally helpful with our recent cabin restoration project. She learned how to do everything from caulking to hanging doors and became an expert at laying flooring. Faith also works at the Ranger Station and on our invasive species removal team. She hopes to join AmeriCorps in the fall. Faith named Deysi Tobar, a park ranger and former volunteer at Oleta, as someone she truly admires. "Deysi is a hard worker," Faith asserted. "She gives good advice, is present and good-natured." 

Some other facts about Faith:

  • She is a talented artist who has been sketching and painting for many years.
  • If she could be anywhere other than Florida right now, she would hightail it to Japan, as she is fascinated with the country's culture and cuisine. 
  • She wants to travel the world and has already visited Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and France.
  • If she had to pick a personal motto, it would be "Live life to the fullest (and also eat tacos)."

Thank you, Faith, for all that you do!


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