Volunteer Spotlight, Eddie Vaughn

Volunteer Photo - Eddie

Eddie Vaughn

Avalon State Park

Volunteer Eddie Vaughn is a native of Georgia and started volunteering for the Florida Park Service soon after he retired. Eddie was a Toyota automotive mechanic then owner of his own mechanic shop. During his many years of volunteer service for the Florida Park Service he has repaired and rebuilt countless engines, 4 x 4 vehicles and ATVs. His hard work has saved the state of Florida thousands of dollars. Not only does he repair all those vehicles, he is also a great teacher passing his knowledge on to the staff.

Eddie also helps with opening and closing of the park and is always available to help the park day or night, consistently “going above and beyond”. His can-do attitude is contagious and helps to motivate other volunteers. He always has a positive, friendly attitude and he attributes that to the love of his work in Florida state parks and because he enjoys interacting with park visitors.

In addition to his passion for volunteering, his passions are cars, motorcycles, hunting and fishing. In fact, he is an avid fisherman. When he is fishing here in the park, he provides the ranger station with frequent reports about water conditions and shoreline issues. If you come visit Avalon State Park you can say hello to Eddie, he is often found along the shoreline with a fishing rod in hand or kayaking offshore!

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