Volunteer Spotlight, Deysi Tobar

Deysi, sitting at a desk answering the phone.

Deysi Tobar

Oleta River State Park

Deysi Tobar is a hardworking and dedicated resident volunteer at Oleta River State Park. She always displays her positive energy in everything that she does at the park. While she has only been a volunteer at Oleta River State Park for a year, she has already made a great and lasting impression on the staff and visitors at the park. Every week she arrives ready and willing to tackle any job, no matter how big.

In addition to the everyday tasks, Deysi has participated in the bigger events such as the International Coastal Cleanup and various in-park events.

She takes her can-do attitude and applies it to everything she does at the park, including maintaining the grounds, working in the ranger station and creating interpretive programs for guests. Her favorite activities involve being outside or working with her hands. A talented individual, she not only assists with the administrative duties at the park, but also helps train volunteers in the carpentry and lawn maintenance departments.

Deysi Tobar is an amazing person, volunteer and team player who cares greatly about Oleta River State Park. She is a vital part of the park family and an asset to the Florida Park Service. She is an exemplary example of what it means to be a Florida Park Service volunteer. Deysi recently reached her 1,000-hour mark and shows no means of stopping. She continues to work diligently and is already looking forward to coming back to Oleta next Summer.

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