Volunteer Spotlight, Art Soderholm

Art, standing outside, looking at the camera.

Art Soderholm

T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Art is a true East Coast native, having lived everywhere from Vermont to Florida. As you can imagine, he has seen many different parts of the country as well as met a ton of different people. Meeting new people is Art’s favorite part of being a volunteer at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. He believes that everyone has a story and loves hearing about the experiences that other people have, and exchanging tales of his travels as well.

While he has volunteered at a variety of Florida State Parks, Art feels the most at home at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. The Gulf of Florida calls him back every fall and winter, as he helps maintain the beaches, facilities and wildlife habitats. He also appreciates the smaller size of the park. He says “For me the big “mega-parks” tend to get a little spread out and you can lose track of what’s going on.” By being at a smaller park, Art is more easily able to maintain the grounds, and enjoy the increased opportunities to meet and help guests.  

Art can often be seen “doing it all” around the grounds – from cleaning facilities to directing guests to the best spots for a picnic. Art believe that “if you have the ability, do it!” His spirit of volunteerism inspires rangers and guests alike!

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