Volunteer Spotlight, Alafia Trail Crew

Alafia Trail Crew

Alafia River State Park

The Alafia Trail Crew was adopted by the Friends of Alafia in April of 2018, officially taking on the trail maintenance of the bike trails within the park. The people working behind the scenes tirelessly to make sure the trails are maintained and safe also ride the trails on a regular basis. They seen a need to give back to the park in order to be able to keep riding.

The trails at Alafia River State Park are solely maintained by volunteers so that the park staff can focus on other maintenance and resource management tasks. Since the trail crew has taken on the trail maintenance they have accomplished replacing all signs in the park, putting up kiosks throughout the trail system, got community support to build a wood berm turn to keep from having erosion issues, and kept up with routine maintenance of all the trails. Additionally, they have their own Alafia Mountain Bike Trail website.