Volunteer Spotlight: ACE School

A group of students from ACE School volunteer to remove exotic plants.

Volunteer Spotlight: ACE School

Recently 10 students from the ACE school volunteered for five days to help remove invasive plants.

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

The group of 10 worked with the Maclay Invasive Removal Team to fill up 22 large trash bags of coral ardisia and camphor saplings that were crowding out and surrounding a critically endangered torreya tree near the hiking trails.

Christina Roach, park staff member who helped lead the workdays, said the ACE students were “super dedicated to going back to the same tree every week and  protecting this rare and awesome species. These volunteers were also super special and awesome!”

After the first few weeks, park staff noticed that the torreya tree started to have new growth.

The park invasive team looks forward to continuing the work days with the ACE School this coming fall and had an absolute blast working alongside them.

Thank you, ACE students!

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