21. Can I light fireworks at my campsite or cabin?

No. Fireworks are prohibited in all Florida State Parks.

20. I’m about to go camping in a state park and there is a yellow alert about a burn ban on the park website. What does this mean?

A burn ban is enacted in a particular region when there are dangerous fire conditions present that might result in wildfire. 

During a burn ban, you are not permitted to light a fire in the campfire ring nor to use freestanding fire pits. You are permitted to bring and use a propane grill, a freestanding charcoal grill or an electric grill/griddle (if the campsite provides an electrical power hookup) for cooking use during a burn ban.

19. Am I permitted to bring a portable fire pit or grill to use at my campsite?

Yes. To avoid fire hazard risks, please place the fire pit/grill on the dirt/gravel/concrete campsite pad and not in the buffer foliage in between campsites. 

In the case of a burn ban at a state park campground, you are welcome to use a charcoal or propane grill for cooking purposes but not a fire pit, which might generate airborne embers.

18. Can I gather firewood and/or kindling within the state park?

No. Firewood is sold by the park ranger station, campground host or campground store in most park locations. Unless otherwise stated, guests can bring locally sourced firewood into the park with them for campfire use. 

The gathering of firewood within the state park is prohibited.

17. Do all the Florida State Park campsites have a campfire ring?

The majority of campsites reservable through the Florida State Parks' reservation system provide a campfire ring on the site that has a removable grill top. This allows either campfire enjoyment or practical cooking over the fire. 

In certain locations, a charcoal grill on a post may be provided instead of a campfire ring. 

You may want to verify in advance which feature your campsite offers, either by reading the special remarks/amenities listing on the campsite details, or by calling the park directly and inquiring about the features of a particular campsite. 

A campfire ring is also available at many primitive campsites, but it is important to verify campsite amenities at the time of reservation or beforehand.

22. I’m doing a long-distance bicycling/paddling/hiking trip through Florida and it’s difficult to make reservations. Can you provide a campsite for me?

If non-motorized travelers (such as cyclists, hikers, paddlers, etc.) arrive at a state park with campground facilities and a campsite is available for their use, they will be booked into that campsite at the standard nightly rate. If the campground is full at the guest’s time of arrival, the park staff will attempt to locate accommodations at referral campgrounds. If none are available or time is short, park staff may use temporary space for one night to provide accommodation, charging one night’s fee. Normally, a tent is required, but in this case, is waived, as long as the long-distance traveler has a sleeping bag. The traveler is permitted to use the park’s campground bathhouse at no additional charge.

The opportunity to stay overnight at a state park is limited to Florida State Parks that offer campground facilities. If a state park is a day-use only location and does not offer overnight accommodations, a traveler would not be able to stay overnight on park property. 

15. Do any state parks permit boondocking, dispersed camping or staying overnight in a day-use parking lot?

No. Overnight stays in Florida's state parks must take place in a designated campsite, cabin or lodge to better preserve our natural features and the safety of our park visitors.

14. Do you offer seasonal, long-term or permanent campsite or cabin rental?

No. The maximum length of stay that one may have for a single reservation is 14 nights total. 

If you want to make a subsequent cabin/campsite reservation in the same park, there must be at least three nights in between each reservation where you are not present in the park. 

In addition, you may not reserve more than 56 nights in the same park within a six-month period. 

12. Is an advance reservation for a campsite or cabin required? Do you offer “walk-in” overnight stay availability?

Guests are welcome to inquire at the ranger station as to whether there are campsite or cabin openings within the park that evening. Park staff will book you a campsite/cabin if there is availability. However, we cannot guarantee walk-in campsite or cabin availability, nor can we guarantee how many nights any campsite/cabin may be available for use. Campsite and cabin bookings may be made through the Reservation System on the same day as desired check-in until 1 p.m. local time.

1.9. What if I need to change my reservation?

There are two ways to cancel or modify an overnight accommodation reservation: 

  1. Call the telephone reservation center at 800-326-3521 and speak to one of the agents. Please have your reservation number available and let the agent know whether you are modifying the booking or canceling it entirely. 

  2. Log into the Florida State Parks reservations website, select the drop-down arrow next to your first name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose “Your Reservations.” All active reservations in your name will be shown. To the left of each reservation, you will see options for Cancel, Modify or Reprint.  

If you want to change your reservation from accommodations in one state park to a different state park, you will need to cancel your original booking and make a new reservation in the new park. 

Modifying a reservation incurs a $10 change fee charged at the time of modification. If any additional fees are applicable because of the change, those will be assessed at the same time. If any refund is due because of the change, it will be processed immediately. 

If you are canceling your reservation more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in time/date, there will be a $17.75 cancellation fee assessed and we will retain the nonrefundable $6.70 service fee that was charged at the time of booking. All other monies will be refunded to you. 

If you are canceling your reservation within 24 hours of your scheduled check-in time/date, there will be a $17.75 cancellation fee assessed, we will retain the non-refundable $6.70 service fee that was charged at the time of booking, and we will also retain the cost of the first night of stay. All other monies will be refunded to you.