Staff Spotlight, Marc Caruhel

Park Ranger Marc Caruhel

Park Ranger Marc Caruhel

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Marc has had a connection to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park since he was 8 years old. He attended summer camp here, learning about the complexity of this coastal ecosystem and how every animal plays a role in balancing it. Marc loved the park and camp so much, he went on to work as a counselor in training and a junior counselor before attending Florida Atlantic University. There, he continued to develop his passion for the outdoors.

He completed both his undergraduate and graduate internships at the park and recently received his Master’s in Environmental Education and Program Management. Now, he’s preparing for a doctoral degree. Marc’s great experience and knowledge make him the perfect animal care specialist for Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. 

The park’s live animal program was created by Marc and he is solely responsible for the care of all the park’s wonderful animals. Taking care of snakes, alligators and others isn’t easy. Keeping our animals happy and healthy takes a strict feeding regimen, collecting data on each animal’s weight and health, and monitoring and recording temperatures within their enclosures. It’s all worth it though, because Marc gets to introduce our visitors to the animals. Marc teaches guests about wildlife’s importance and role within the park’s ecosystem through weekly programs, events and school presentations.  

Marc has an extensive reptile collection of his own, and his love of his job, the park and the animals he cares for comes through in everything he does.

Visitors can join Marc during his presentation every Friday and Saturday at 1 p.m.

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