Staff Spotlight, Lyndel Mclellen

Lyndel Mclellen standing in front of a truck, wearing her ranger uniform and smiling at the camera.

Park Ranger, Lyndel Mclellen

Wingate Creek State Park

Lyndel Mclellan is a Florida native, born and raise in Sarasota, Florida. She has always enjoyed the outdoors having grown up participating in many outdoor activities. Some of her favorite activities are camping, fishing and swimming. She also has fond memories of having monthly family picnics at local state parks. What she loves most about the outdoors is simply nature itself. She believes that there are moments where it is simply breathtaking, and she loves being a part of it.

At Wingate Creek State Park, Lyndel is a park ranger which includes a variety of responsibilities. You can most often catch her on a mower tackling the ever-growing grass. She also enjoys participating in park events and programs. What brings her back to the park every day is the job itself and getting to meet new people. Being a park ranger means that there is always something new to do or see. Lyndel enjoys that there is never a dull day, even at a small park like Wingate Creek.

Additionally, the job gives Lyndel the opportunity to share her passion for the outdoors with visitors and let them know why Wingate Creek is an important part of Florida’s environment and history. Lyndel hopes to keep doing her part to help keep the park nice for visitors for many years.

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