Staff Spotlight, Jeff Naylor

Jeff Naylor

Ranger, Jeff Naylor

Bahia Honda State Park

Originally from Indiana, Ranger Jeff Naylor came to Bahia Honda State Park as a volunteer in 2009. He became a park ranger later that year and has been adding his positive impact to the guest experience at Bahia Honda State Park for 15 years!

Ranger Jeff loves snorkeling and kayaking in the waters around Bahia Honda State Park and his favorite places at the park are the beaches. The park has beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Bay and Ranger Jeff will ensure that you find the best place in the park for your visit.

When Bahia Honda State Park was severely impacted by Hurricane Irma in 2017, Ranger Jeff was one of the team members that helped the park recover. He and the park team worked on facility rehabilitation as well as restoration of the natural resources. Whatever the park needs – Ranger Jeff is here to help!

Come to the Bahia Honda State Park this season and take one of Ranger Jeff’s walking tours. If you don’t make it to one of his programs, you will still benefit from his contributions to the park – you may use one of the grills that Ranger Jeff installed or walk on the trails that he has helped to create and maintain.  Ranger Jeff Naylor is an important team member, and his work helps make Bahia Honda State Park The Real Florida.

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