Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Event Questions

1. How do I find out if there are any scheduled activities or special events occurring in a state park near me?

Most ranger-led activities, living history/historical reenactments, festivals and other special events are posted on our events page. 

It is possible to filter the events display on this page by the month when the event is occurring, theme/type of activity, and by specific park/trail names. 

You also can call your local state park and ask if there are any upcoming events or ranger-led activities.

2. What if I don’t see an event I’m looking for on the Events page?

Event notices are placed on the Florida State Parks events page once all the details about the program are available. Just because an event is not yet listed on the Events page does not mean that it will not take place, particularly if you are looking for the listing a month or more out from the scheduled date. You can verify if a particular event is in the development stages by calling the park directly.

3. I’d like to hold a public event, race or benefit in a particular state park or trail. How do I find out if this is possible?

Please contact the management team for your park/trail of interest to determine how best to submit a proposal for the event you would like to have occur. Telephone numbers for each state park are listed beneath park names on individual park webpages found through the Florida State Parks index.

4. I’ve heard that a concessionaire or “friends of the park” citizen support organization is leading a guided paddle/horseback trail ride/tram ride/other activity, but I don’t see this in the events. How do I find out more?

Concessionaire or citizen support organization (CSO) led activities are often posted on the concessionaire/CSO webpage or announced on those entities’ social media pages.

Contacting the park where the activity is scheduled to occur can provide direction as to where one can sign up to participate or how to find more information.