Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Volunteer Questions

Are there uniforms for FLCC?

Yes, members are provided one Class A Polo, five Class B shirts, five khaki service pants, one FLCC jacket and one sunhat. Other personal protection equipment is issued as needed and varies by project area.

Members are required to be in uniform any time they are completing service hours. Members also agree to a uniform and personal appearance standard when they are enrolled.

How do I apply for FLCC?

All applicants must create an application at Please note that an application can be created at any time, but you may only submit an application to the any of the FLCC projects during recruitment season. Typically, the application pages are open from mid-October through January.

How is the FLCC program supported?

The Florida Conservation Corps manages AmeriCorps grant based programs (Projects A.N.T., R.O.A.R., and T.R.E.C.) and is overseen by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Volunteer Florida.

Within DEP the Florida Park Service’s Bureau of Natural and Cultural Resources manages the Florida Conservation Corps. FLCC directly administers the AmeriCorps Projects. FLCC administration is made up of a Program Coordinator, an Assistant Program Coordinator, and a Program Assistant.

What are the benefits of being an FLCC AMERICORPS member?

During a term of service, members gain valuable experience in resource management, trail restoration, and/or volunteer recruitment; while also improving their knowledge of conservation and restoration ecology. Members also learn useful skills such as interpretive program development and volunteer/community outreach.

Aside from personal growth, members receive $1,140 a month as a living stipend, and upon successful completion of a full term, members qualify for a Segal education award of $5,775.

What are the requirements of an FLCC AMERICORPS member?

Potential members must be at least 18 years of age and authorized to work in the U.S. without restrictions. We do not have any formal education requirement (but a High School Diploma or equivalent is needed to receive the education award).

A background in a related field is very helpful for applicants seeking a member position. This can come in the form of education, volunteer service or work experience.

What do FLCC AMERICORPS members do?

Each FLCC project will offer a member a unique experience within Florida State Parks. Members are assigned to a service location depending on the project they have applied for and are expected to complete an 11-month (1,700 hour) term of service.

During their term, members focus on a set series of performance measures and are guided by Florida Park Service staff on goal setting and work expectations. Depending on the project, members may work in the field treating invasive exotic plants, they may be working on repairing a trail, or they may be developing outreach material and recruiting volunteers to aid state parks.

What do members do after their term of service?

After completing a full season of field experience in direct resource management, many members are prepared for successful careers in related industries. Many members have gone on to work in environmental agencies at the local, state or federal level. However, results will vary.

The FLCC AmeriCorps Programs are an excellent opportunity to develop skills needed to be an effective resource manager, team member, and environmental advocate while also having fun and enjoying the great state of Florida.

What if I'm having an issue with MY.AMERICORPS?

FLCC staff does not have administrative powers over the website.

If technical issues are experienced please contact the my.AmeriCorps Support Desk at 1-800-942-2677.

What information is needed on the application?

The application page is relatively simple and asks for prior work, education, and service experience along with a motivational statement. If you have experience related to the service description it is suggested that you include that as we are a competitive program, and many of our members have prior experience in a related field.

Additionally, you will be asked to provide contact information for a minimum of two professional references. These references will be emailed with a questionnaire that will need to be filled out on your behalf. It is advised that you notify these contacts as your application may be considered incomplete until the questionnaire is finished.

What is the Florida Conservation Corps?

The Florida Conservation Corps (FLCC) is an office within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Florida Park Service that operates an AmeriCorps National Service Program.

This program is divided into three project areas that each address either a major issue facing Florida State Parks or a component of the FLCC mission.

  1. Project A.N.T. (AmeriCorps Non-native plant Terminators)
  2. Project R.O.A.R. (Regional Outreach and Awareness Recruiters)
  3. Project T.R.E.C. (Trail Restoration and Enhancement Corps

What is the work schedule for FLCC?

Each project and service location has a different work schedule. As long as the 1,700 hours in eleven months are completed, many parks or service sites are willing to work with members for a flexible schedule if needed.

The standard however, is roughly 40 hours per week, typically Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., with some weekend events or travel opportunities to neighboring locations.