PHOTO CONTEST 2023 Mobile Phone Winners, Finalist and Semifinalists




First Place  |  Reflection
Honeymoon Island State Park  |  Park Experiences
Tiffany Grandstaff

"On my daily sunset walk at Honeymoon Island State Park, I noticed my fiance staring into this puddle of reflection. The colors that evening seemed to melt into this puddle, creating a glimpse into something otherworldly." - Tiffany Granstaff



Enjoy the Simple Things in Life
Second Place   |  Enjoy the Simple Things in Life
Fort Clinch State Park  |  Details and Small Things
Heather Benson

"My favorite thing about the beach is the small details that make you feel at peace. Whether it is the smell of the fresh air, the sound of the waves crashing, the sunset or the incredible detail every single seashell has and how unique they are. I was walking the beach with my mom on this evening and couldn't help but notice how beautiful the sunset made the seashells look and had to capture a photo of this very small but amazing detail." - Heater Benson



Third Place  |  Daybreak
Myakka River State Park | Landscape
Joan Grey

"I stood quietly, a few feet away from this Great White Egret hunting its prey, at Daybreak. Sunrise is my favorite time of the day, and Myakka River is one of my favorite parks." - Joan Grey



Full Moon
Honorable Mention  |  Full Moon
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park  |  Wildlife
Rachel Minnear

"To say what this pictures means to me is so hard. The state parks are my life. This specific adventure was special - I turn 30 in March and I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before turning 30. The first thing on my list to check off was to snorkel John Pennekamp. I had hoped to find sea turtles and felt disappointed and unlucky when I didn’t- however, when taking a step back and just looking around and appreciating the fact that I got to be somewhere so beautiful, somewhere so immersive, and so full of life.. that’s when I started to notice all the little things. The beauty in the sunlight coming through the water, the coloration of the corals- and the moon jellies that scattered the view above me. I was so lucky to get a shot, and even more thankful that I took a moment to appreciate Pennekamp as a whole, because admiring a jellyfish is something I might have overlooked if I didn’t take time to reflect. Florida state parks are home to so much life- stopping for even a second to look around leads to some incredible moments." Rachel Minnear



Kayaking into the Clouds
Finalist  |  Kayaking into the Clouds
Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park  |  Park Adventures
Donna Cline

"My friends and I had been talking about kayaking at Werner-Boyce for months; we wanted to launch from the park and go to the historic stilt houses.  After returning from the Gulf, we decided to head towards the spring as we hadn't yet kayaked in the park.  This photo was taken about halfway to the spring; I was struck by how much of a contrast it was from the busy waters we'd just left.  It was so peaceful and solitary, and the sky reflecting in the water made for such a beautiful moment." - Donna Cline



Foggy Sunrise
Finalist  |  Foggy Sunrise
Little Manatee River State Park  |  Landscape
Melissa Holbrook

"My husband, dog and I love to camp at the Florida State Parks, and my dog Chance and I love hiking the trails.  This was an early morning walk so that we could catch the sunrise, the foggy morning really added to the great shot.  My dog was just listening to all the early morning sounds and I thought this was a great shot.  It really shows a bit of the park, the beautiful sunrise and the peaceful atmosphere." - Melissa Holbrook



Beauty on the Trails
Finalist  |  Beauty on the Trails
Alafia River State Park  |  Plants and Flowers
Jennifer Jones

"I came across the flower while mountain biking in Alafia. We were riding from one trail to another on a hot, dusty day. Its beautiful, bright color caught my eye as I looked down, and I had to stop to take a photo." - Jennifer Jones



Morning Paddle
Finalist  |  Morning Paddle
Silver Springs State Park  |  Park Adventures
Carolyn Kovacs

"We had just started our paddle and I loved the early morning light hitting the trees and how the calm water acted as a mirror reflecting the cypress and palms.  Silver Springs is one of our favorite stand up paddle spots due to the biodiversity that call this waterway home, and when it is this calm you can see every fish and turtle that swim below." - Carolyn Kovacs



Drawing Lines
Finalist  |  Drawing Lines
Bahia Honda State Park  |  Waterscapes
Edward Pritchard

"The best way to explore Bahia Honda State Park is by water! Aboard our little sailboat, we got up close and personal to the Park's amazing natural and historic beauty. Navigating beneath the still-standing Bahia Honda Rail Bridge, one really gains an appreciation for the army of men who, over a century ago, drew lines, carried out calculations and toiled in unforgiving conditions to make Henry Flagler's vision of an Overseas Railroad, an engineering marvel, come to life." - Edward Pritchard



Wave Treader
Finalist  |  Wave Treader
Fort Clinch State Park  |  Landscape
Qun Ren

"The sea is a vast dance floor, and the wave dancers are brave performers, freely expressing youth and strength atop the waves! Joyful children, playing in the water at the beach, create splashes resembling rhythmic musical notes. The harmonious and joyful moments touched me as I melted into them." - Qun Ren








Around the Bend
Semifinalist  |  Around the Bend
Hillsborough River State Park | Landscape
Jamikay Binning



Heron Love
Semifinalist  |  Heron Love
Crystal River Preserve State Park | Birds
Pedro Blanco



Safe to Shore
Semifinalist  |  Safe to Shore
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park | Sightseeing
Melissa Cardona



The Cool Waters
Semifinalist  |  The Cool Waters
Ichetucknee Springs State Park | Park Experiences
Mark DeMaio



The Canopy Walkway
Semifinalist  |  The Canopy Walkway
Myakka River State Park | Park Experiences
Ravita Devi



Step Into History
Semifinalist  |  Step Into History
Fort Clinch State Park | Sightseeing
Ashley Dishman



Semifinalist  |  Trailblazers
Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park | Wildlife
Carolyn Fields



Prairie Lane
Semifinalist  |  Prairie Lane
Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park | Landscape
Stacey Home



Riding Through
Semifinalist  |  Riding Through
Myakka River State Park | Park Adventures
Nicole Marriot



Semifinalist  |  Eyes
Crystal River Preserve State Park | Birds
Samtha McCormick



Water Lily
Semifinalist  |  Water Lily
Eden Gardens State Park | Plants and Flowers
Tracey Miller



Misty Morning
Semifinalist  |  Misty Morning
Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park | Details and Small Things
Lorrie Moore



Mountain Biking
Semifinalist  |  Mountain Biking
Alafia River State Park | Trails
Alexander Nickos



Friendly Visitor
Semifinalist  |  Friendly Visitor
Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park | Birds
Kateryna Ovcharenko



Boneyard Beach
Semifinalist  |  Boneyard Beach
Big Talbot Island State Park | Waterscapes
Kelly Pender



Florida Keys Sunset Paddle
Semifinalist  |  Florida Keys Sunset Paddle
Curry Hammock State Park | Park Adventure
Edward Pritchard



Seagrape Sublime
Semifinalist  |  Seagrape Sublime
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park | Trails
Edward Pritchard



The Old Man and the Sea
Semifinalist  |  The Old Man and the Sea
Fort Clinch State Park | Landscape
Qun Ren



Camping Under the Stars
Semifinalist  |  Camping Under the Stars
Topsail Hill Preserve State Park | Camping
BJ Schuchs



Florida Wildflower
Semifinalist  |  Florida Wildflowe
Myakka River State Park | Park Adventure
Savannah Spalding



Boardwalk Adventure
Semifinalist  |  Boardwalk Adventure
Highlands Hammock State Park | Landscape
Ryan Starling



Cabbage Palm Trees
Semifinalist  |  Cabbage Palm Trees
Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park | Plants and Flowers
Paul Strauss



Rapids on the Trail
Semifinalist  |  Rapids on the Trail
Hillsborough River State Park | Trails
Jessica Sullivan



Colors of the Creek
Semifinalist  |  Colors of the Creek
Dunns Creek State Park | Landscape
Jon Swanson



Colt Creek Mirror
Semifinalist  |  Colt Creek Mirror
Colt Creek State Park | Waterscapes
Mike York



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