Friends of Birch State Park

Friends of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
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The Friends of Birch State Park was formed to help preserve, conserve, enhance and promote Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.  The work that the Friends has accomplished over the last several years is nothing short of amazing.  They have initiated and assisted in securing funding for several large-scale capital improvement projects including the restoration of the parks one-mile long seawall, installation of a new floating dock and welcome pavilion, cleaning out of the park’s coastal dune lake and moat, replacement of the north playground equipment, and so much more.  Two of their current projects include installation of a new meditation garden featuring a labyrinth, pathways and seating areas for yoga, tai chi and meditation, and restoration of the park’s beach tunnel.  Project funding for the tunnel was secured through a grant with the Community Foundation of Broward and includes painting of an underwater mural throughout the tunnel walls and ceiling.   

The Friends of Birch State Park also fund the park’s Live Animal Program through the purchase of food, supplies and needed veterinary care.  They purchased several multi-passenger golf carts to allow the park to feature a tram service to assist visitors with getting around the park.  This has been well received by visitors and donations from this service go back to the Friends to purchase other needed supplies. 

The Friends of Birch has also assisted the park in increasing attendance and bringing in new volunteers by creating a Marketing Board that meets quarterly to discuss ways and opportunities for promoting the park and providing needed volunteers.  They have created a presence on all social media outlets and consistently feature the park’s resources, activities, volunteer opportunities, concession events and other related news.


Marti’s Meditation Garden 2017

The Friends of Birch State Park has raised the funds necessary to install a meditation garden and labyrinth at the park. This project was spearheaded by the late Marti Huizenga, who understood the need for a relaxing area within the park where visitors could sit peacefully and enjoy the surroundings. Installation is expected to be completed in early 2018.

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