Wildlife Viewing at Avalon

Experience - Wildlife Viewing

Opportunities for nature observation are everywhere at Avalon State Park! Gazing across the beach as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean, you can often see hundreds of shorebirds along the beach. Many species of birds can be spotted at the park as they migrate through the area. Everything from herons, to egrets, to plovers and loons can be seen throughout the park. Be sure to look for bald eagles in the tops of trees and ospreys perched atop mangroves on the west side of the park searching for food in the Indian river.

Bird Feeding at Avalon

In the cooler months, gopher tortoises can be viewed foraging on the dunes or under the beautiful canopy of oaks, sea grapes and sabal palms. Before you leave, don’t forget to stop for a picnic at one of our waterfront pavilions and take in the scenery of fishermen, sailboats and surfers that add to the relaxing and serene atmosphere here at Avalon State Park!