Wildlife at Falling Waters

Animals, squirrels

While the park may not host fantastical creatures of fur, fang and horns, many of our natural wildlife do have some of those features. Gray furred fox squirrels have become the park’s welcoming committee as it’s often the first animal you see when you pass through the park’s gates. 

Fox Squirrel on Picnic Table

Both furry and fanged, the brown bat is a flying mammal that also inhabits the park, some of them in the subterranean caves that connect the many sinkholes of the park

The small brown bat helps make your evenings more bearable by eating up to half their body weight of insects between dusk and dawn. 

While not technically horns, the great horned owl has two tufts of feathers on their head that resemble a pair of spikes. These avian predators can sometimes be heard by late afternoon visitors and overnight campers. The great horned owl uses their large talons and sharp curved beaks to consume small mammals and even other species of owls during their nightly hunts.

We invite you to come experience the many critters at Falling Waters State Park, that once properly introduced, you may find to be more interesting than intimidating.