Volunteer Spotlight, Vickie and Dan Hartmanstorfer

Vickie and Dan Hartmanstorfer

Vickie and Dan Hartmanstorfer

Vickie and Dan are the park’s camp hosts, and it has been their duty to check in and check out organized youth groups at our Elks Youth Camp facility, a beautiful cabin camping area that has been serving youth groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts since the 1950s. Vickie and Dan have taken their responsibility very seriously. 

They have made themselves available to all groups that have been staying in the camp and have assisted with them any needs that they have, whether it be checking pilot lights, guiding parents and group leaders to the facility, doing extensive tours of the camp for potential guests, or making themselves available for any questions that the group leaders may have.

Dan and Vickie have also done a wonderful job of maintaining the facility, spending hours the day before a check in to ensure that the Elks Youth Camp is in tiptop shape and ready for the next guests.

They also frequently volunteer outside of their camp host duties. It's common to see them operating the tram on a busy Saturday, assisting park visitors and helping the park operating smoothly.

Vickie and Dan do all of their work with big smiles on their faces. They are truly wonderful volunteers and a vital part of the park team! 

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