Volunteer Spotlight, Ronnie Coffman

Volunteer Ronnie Coffman poses beside a dolphin statue.

Volunteer Spotlight, Ronnie Coffman

Resident host Ronnie Coffman has been volunteering at Blue Spring State Park for more than 18 years.

Born in Pennsylvania, Ronnie started visiting Blue Spring State Park over 23 years ago. About 18 years ago, he started volunteering at the park for four months of the year. 

Ronnie is a jack-of-all-trades. He assists with the park’s maintenance, visitor services, interpretation and environmental protection. He is an invaluable member of the team. When he is not volunteering, Ronnie enjoys horseback riding, hiking and cycling. 

“Throughout my life I have always liked being part of a team. I enjoy the history behind Blue Spring’s Thursby House. I take pride working around so much diversity and getting to share the importance of the park with the public.” 

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