VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT, Friends of Camp Helen State Park

Friends of Camp Helen State Park

Friends of Camp Helen State Park

This group is the recipient of the 2023 Citizen Support Organization of the Year for Greener Initiative.

Over the past year, the Friends of Camp Helen took tremendous strides to accomplish goals, engage the community and support Camp Helen State Park to their fullest potential. The past year has seen a record number for Pumpkin Patch and kayak rental sales from these two programs alone. 

The impact from the Friends of Camp Helen to the park is immeasurable on many different levels. We’re constantly receiving positive feedback from visitors all over the country on how meaningful our programs and events are. A great deal of this is due to the relentless dedication of the Friends of Camp Helen.

The Friends of Camp Helen have an enormous passion for protecting natural resources and wildlife, while also preserving the history of Lake Powell and Camp Helen State Park. 

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