Cole Randolph

Cole Randolph

Cole is the recipient of the 2023 Youth Volunteer of the Year Award in Maintenance.

In 2023, Cole Randolph completed his Eagle Scout (ES) journey. He selected Wakulla Springs State Park (WSSP) for site of his ES project. Cole has always enjoyed nature and has had a long relationship with WSSP. 

As a child, the park provided a safe yet wild place to explore the natural world. Cole’s ES project allowed him to give back to the park that had given so much to him. Completion of his ES project allowed Cole to demonstrate leadership skills he learned in scouting while making a significant contribution to his community. 

As an ES candidate, Cole was responsible for implementation of every aspect of his ES project that included planning, design, funding, construction, and installation. During the ES process, he utilized the assistance of the park, the dive community and his Scoutmaster, fellow scouts and family and the local community. 

On 17 June 2023, Cole held his Court of Honor to publicly recognize his achievement of ES, scouting highest rank. Cole met with park staff in July 2022 to discuss a list of projects. He completed the project in February 2023.

 In 7 months, he successfully completed the design, construction and installation of dive benches at the park’s cave diving site. 

As regular service volunteers, Cole contributed 84.50 volunteer hours, and his father, Roger Payton, contributed 77.50 volunteer hours. Cole’s troop contributed 116.75 volunteer hours.

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