Volunteer Spotlight, Britt and Bonnie Halsell

Britt and Bonnie Halsell

Britt and Bonnie Halsell  

Volunteer Team of Two of the Year Award for Visitor Services  

Britt and Bonnie volunteer on the park’s Aquatic Motor Patrol team. Their job is to help visitors on the river understand the rules about swimming, fishing, no wake zones and wildlife harassment. Occasionally, they help rescue someone on the water.

They also host a guided walking photography tour twice a day for two weekends each month. This tour gives visitors tips on how to take an amazing picture with the beautiful backdrop of Silver Springs. Britt and Bonnie also discuss how to get the shot while still protecting and preserving the park’s natural resources. They help provide a well-rounded experience and help every photographer feel special.

Bonnie is a professional photographer, and she and Britt capture amazing photos that are used in the park and on social media. These photos are shared with the park’s archive team to help document Silver River’s history.

Britt and Bonnie have been volunteering at Silver Springs State Park since 2019. Together, they have contributed more than 1,148 hours.

Congratulations to Britt and Bonnie on this award. Their efforts are appreciated.

2021 Florida State Parks Volunteer Recognition Winner

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