Volunteer Spotlight

Pam Reed

Pam Reed

Volunteer of the Year Award for Protection

Pam Reed has been a local volunteer for just over six years. So far, she has contributed almost 3,000 hours of volunteer service. Pam serves as the head volunteer for the park’s River Patrol Program. In that capacity, she schedules other volunteers, helps organize the program, and provides each patrol volunteer with training and orientation. Every week, she spends two to four days actively patrolling the river with other volunteers.

Silver Springs is a very busy park and eco-tourist destination. Between 100 and 1,000 paddlers enjoy canoe and kayak trips on the Silver River every day. Many visitors have "theme park” expectations, with some of them even thinking the river will go around in a circle and bring them back to the paddle launch. Pam and her team of trained volunteers provide a critical role in protecting the river by helping visitors understand paddling safety, hydrology, springs systems and wildlife, and how their behavior can impact natural resources. Thanks to Pam’s efforts, visitors enjoy a safer, more educational experience on the Silver River.

She also has served on the board of directors for Friends of Silver River State Park, the park’s citizen support group.  

2020 Florida State Parks Volunteer Recognition Award Winner

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