Trails of Silver Springs

Silver Springs Trail

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a walk on one of Silver Springs State Park’s paths and trails.

Behind the Black Bear Pavilion, wander the Creek Trail as it loops around passing the half-mile creek, the only tributary of the Silver River. Or choose the Spring Trail,  a 2.3-mile one-way trek through the open pine forest and oak hammock. Explore the Sinkhole Trail and discover the natural feature for which it is named. During rainy season, the sinkhole is full of water and home to a large population of frogs.

Wildlife viewing is plentiful on the Sandhill Trail. You might catch a glance of a Sherman’s fox squirrel, gopher tortoise, white-tailed deer or wild turkey among the longleaf pines.

For an easier trip, follow old lime-rock road of the River Trail that leads to the boardwalk of the Swamp Trail. The boardwalk provides a scenic route over the swamp along the banks of the Silver River.

Walk along the riverfront on the park’s paved sidewalks. Stroll the paths through new and historic gardens. Discover the rock garden, the camellia garden, the Osceola garden, the reflection garden, and the wildflower garden. Take a moment to slow down and rest on the park’s many benches, rocking chairs and picnic tables as you soak in the tranquility around you.

Roam the trails and paths of Silver Springs State Park and experience nature’s beauty.