Staff Spotlight, Anna Kellner

An image of Anna Kellner

Anna Kellner, Park Services Specialist 

Anna Kellner grew up in North Carolina and moved to Florida to pursue a maritime studies degree. Despite coming for education, the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico made her want to make Florida her home. Anna's love for the outdoors started when she was a kid, spending a lot of her free time in nature. Though she enjoyed time outdoors, her real passion for environmental education came after college during her AmeriCorps term with the Student Conservation Association. 

As a park services specialist, Anna handles a lot of volunteer coordination and work with interpretive services. Her weekly agenda often includes participation in all of the volunteer workdays and interpretive programs offered at the park. If you're looking for Anna around Rish, you can often find her at the activity center creating hands-on interpretive displays for visitors. The opportunity to work each day enveloped in the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico makes coming to work exciting for Anna. The calm bay and dynamic gulf are like medicine. 

Anna enjoys sharing nature's lessons and beauty with the visitors and volunteers at Rish. The Rish Recreational Area has a special place in her life because it serves a higher purpose of providing recreational opportunities for those with disabilities. 

Her time at Rish won't be ending any time soon -  Anna loves her role at the park. Anna sees herself growing with the park and perfecting her skills as an interpreter. In the future, she hopes to start an annual event for National Disabilities Independence Day at the park. She is also currently involved in helping plan a barrier-free sensory trail. She cannot wait to see how it turns out! 

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