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Wedding at Maclay

Make your next event extraordinary at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Whatever the occasion might be, make your wedding, reception or other gathering memorable at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park.

The park offers eight venues within the formal gardens. Package deals are available.

Visitor Center Lawn and Entrance Pavilion

The visitor center lawn is the large grassy area directly next to the visitor center parking lot. This wide-open space is ideal for setting up tents, tables and a dance floor if you have a large group. This area overlooks the beautiful wrought-iron gates marking the entrance to the gardens.

The entrance pavilion located on the edge of the lawn is a great place to position musicians, food and drink or set up special displays.

  • Electricity is available from outlets located at the visitor center. Electricity is not available at the entrance pavilion.
  • Restrooms are located at the rear of the visitor center.

Lakeside Pavilion

The lakeside pavilion is located on the right-hand side of the brick walkway, a little less than halfway between the visitor center and the Maclay House. The pavilion offers a spectacular view of Lake Hall and is surrounded by trees and foliage.

This space is ideal for small weddings (25 people or fewer) with a short ceremony.

  • Electricity is not available at the lakeside pavilion.
Lakeside pavilion

Maclay House Lawn

The Maclay House lawn offers a spacious grassy area perfect for tents, tables and dance floors. The majestic live oaks on the lawn provide dappled shade for daytime ceremonies and events, and the large oak encircled by the brick path is a favorite photo spot.

With the historic Maclay House at the front and the shore of Lake Hall at the back, there are plenty of picturesque views from the lawn. 

  • Electricity is not available from the Maclay House.
Maclay House Lawn

Children’s Cottage

Once the private residence for the Maclay children, Georgiana and Alfred Jr., the Children’s Cottage at the back of the Maclay House makes a perfect bridal cottage where small wedding parties can get ready. This cottage consists of a restroom and three cozy rooms, all connected to each other.

  • This building is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Electricity and air conditioning are available at the Children’s Cottage.  
Children's Cottage

Walled Garden

The walled garden, flanked by two lion statues on the north archway entrance, is a highlight of the formal gardens. The semi-enclosed square space features century plants alongside seasonal plantings of vibrant annuals, encircling a sculpted century plant fountain.

The exit archway on the east side of the walled garden offers a spectacular view of the reflection pool and vista with the shimmering waters of Lake Hall visible in the distance. A notable feature of the garden is the blue and white circular medallion on the west wall depicting a child with open arms.

  • Electricity is not available at the walled garden.

Reflection Pool

A favorite spot for wedding ceremonies, the reflection pool is located directly to the east of the walled garden. Chairs for a ceremony can be set up on either side of the pool facing the walled garden or on either side of the pathway leading to the reflection pool facing Lake Hall.

The deep blue water of the pool makes this spot another favorite of photographers and couples.

  • Electricity is not available at the reflection pool.

Black Pond and Black Pond Meadow

The Black Pond is a hidden gem south of the walled garden and reflection pool. Lined with vibrant red Japanese maples, stately palm trees, historic camellia bushes and a charming magnolia tree, this pond is a real showstopper during peak bloom season in early spring.

The small grassy meadow to the northeast of the pond is a great space to set up tents and tables if you want your celebration to take place in the heart of the gardens.

  • Electricity is not available at the Black Pond and Black Pond Meadow.

Gardener’s Cottage

The historic gardener’s cottage is a quaint space for parties, gatherings, receptions and showers. Featuring an open interior with two restrooms and a fully operational kitchen, this building is very versatile. Many couples set up tables and outdoor lighting on the lawn space while setting up food indoors.

A brick pathway leads to the cottage from the main gardens, making the space easily accessible from a ceremony at the reflection pool or elsewhere. A large parking area is located directly south of cottage.

  • Food and beverages are allowed at the cottage and on the small cottage lawn.
  • This building is wheelchair accessible.
  • Electricity, air conditioning and restrooms are available at the Gardener’s Cottage.
Gardener's Cottage

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