Resource Management Corner

Three hikers standing by a hiking trail sign with green trees and grass.

Collier-Seminole State Park is proud to announce the reopening of the Strand Swamp Trail, the western 5.25 miles of the park’s northern Adventure Trail system. 

The opening was celebrated on May 12 with a Victory Hike organized by the Alligator Amblers Chapter of the Florida Trails Association. This trail section had been closed since Hurricane Irma inflicted major storm damage in September 2017, followed by a lightning-caused wildfire in March 2018.

Along with park staff and volunteers, the Alligator Amblers have been instrumental in clearing fallen tree hazards and underbrush and in re-blazing trail pathways. These park resource management efforts have made the trail safer, easier to navigate and provide for a healthier environment for generations to come.

The eastern 3-mile Pine Flatwoods Trail, which has been open for the past few years, completes this awesome trail experience.

We invite all park visitors back onto these trails to enjoy their natural beauty while you experience new adventures and capture old memories while you travel through five natural communities. 

People hiking on a remote trail.

Hikers out for the day on the Strand Swamp Trail.