The Pristine Wet Prairie

water, plants, wildlife

Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park is found in the coastal lowlands, a low-lying area consisting of flat, separated muddy plains and active coastlines.

Looking out across the pristine wet prairie is like going back in time. The pristine landscape gives us a glimpse of Florida before development and human activity.

The view is breathtaking. This low-lying area consists of wet prairies, flatwoods and mixed hardwood swamps. Walking toward the small pond will place you directly in the wet prairie, surrounded by a variety of incredible flora and fauna.

Being so immersed in nature is truly an experience like no other. Make sure you take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty that envelops you.  

Yellow River Marsh

Wet prairies, dominated by emergent plants including grasses and other low-growing plants, support a greater diversity of species than other types of marshes. In these habitats, low vegetation density results in larger areas of open water habitat. 

Due to close proximity to other types of habitats, including pinelands and hammocks, wet prairies attract a variety of wildlife. 

Every season is a great time to visit and have an adventure at Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park!